VillaWare-NDVLWFBFS1-SHP-Belgian-Flip-Waffle-Maker-0-1This is my full review of the VillaWare Belgian Flip Waffle Maker model number NDVLWFBFS1.  The first thing right out the box is this is quite a large unit and you will need some decent space on your kitchen surface area for this product. It’s a nice looking waffle iron though made from stainless steel so it’s going to be relatively easy to keep this product clean, even with lots of use.

Simply apply some grease spray to both plates and plugin to use, then press the large control dial at the front of the product to initiate the heating plates. It will only take a few minutes to heat up and a beeping sound will advice you when the machine is ready for use.

Simply pour in your ready made batter and close the lid and then let the magic happen.

Overall Product Rating: ★★★★☆

We found Amazon to have a great price on this product and this includes free delivery which is included.

VillaWare Belgian Flip Waffle Maker NDVLWFBFS1 Product Features

  • Distinctive Stainless Steel design with shale accents
  • Large Ergonomic Dial control
  • Belgian Waffler with Gravity Flip
  • Adjustable temperature and browning control
  • Pulsing center ready light and tone indicates waffles are done
  • Nonstick waffle plates for easy clean up
  • Drip Tray for overflow batter
  • Two Year Limited Warranty

VillaWare Belgian Flip Waffle Maker NDVLWFBFS1 Product Reviews

Your love the free waffle recipe guide that comes with this product as it has some great recipes and ideas for getting the most out of this waffle iron and I particular liked the chocolate waffle recipe in the book.  The instruction manual is clear and comprehensive to understand.  VillaWare Belgian Flip Waffle Maker NDVLWFBFS1

The one thing that could become a bit annoying is the beeping noise that this unit uses to warn you when its ready and when your waffles are cooked.

Although its great to have a reminder the tone of the beep can get rather annoying to say the least.  But I guess you wont be able to burn any waffles on this product whilst your using it.

The polished steel makes this unit look attractive in any kitchen and it also makes is easy to keep clean.  If you want to read more reviews on the NDVLWFBFS1 VillaWare Belgian Flip Waffle Maker then all you need to do is click this link and you can read more of them.

VillaWare Belgian Flip Waffle Maker NDVLWFBFS1 Review Summary

This new model is worthy of a high score as we like the flip facility that comes with these types of products as it really does allow and even cook through any waffle and with a heat control its also really easy to get your waffles nice and crispy if you like them that way.

Overall Product Rating: ★★★★☆

I would love to hear from any of our readers if you have recently brought this product and used it for a while now.  As this helps other buyers of the VillaWare Belgian Flip Waffle Maker and model number NDVLWFBFS1, so if you can leave your comments below please.