T-Fal SW6100004 reviewThis is my review of the T-Fal SW6100004 Combined Sandwich and Waffle Maker.  This versatile bit of kit is ideal for making waffles for breakfast one minute then delicious toasted sandwiches the next.  it comes with two sets of nonstick  and dishwasher safe interchangeable plates.  Both of these plates are really, really easy to clean if you leave them to soak in water, or if you do fancy popping them into the dishwasher instead you can.  This is a massive advantage against other waffles irons that I review as it can be a real problem cleaning the plates, especially after lots of long term use.

Overall Product Rating: ★★★★★

Often your find that it becomes really difficult to clean an older waffle maker as the coating quality fades over time, so the batter mixture will stick to the plates, making it more and more difficult each time.  This is such a big advantage with the T-Fal SW6100004 product, and a wonderful idea.

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T-Fal SW6100004 Sandwich and Waffle Maker Features

  • Two sets of interchangeable plates
  • Use the waffle plates to make crispy waffles for breakfast, dessert or snack time
  • Use the sandwich plates to to make delicious pocket sandwiches any time of day
  • Plates are removable, non-stick and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
  • Indicator lights advise if power is on and when the plates are ready for cooking

T-Fal SW6100004 Sandwich & Waffle Maker Positive Reviews

T-Fal-SW6100004-reviewsI simply love this product, you get the best of both worlds here in one convenient product.   The waffle maker heats up quickly and will take about 4 minutes to be warm enough to use.  There is no guessing when its the right time as it has a temperature light that will come on.   Waffles will take about 3 minutes to cook to a nice crispy texture and it will be ready to cook the next batch in under a minute.  And the best part is cleaning it afterwards is so easy it embarrassing,  the plates can easily be removed with not much effort then you can either wash then in a bowl as normal or pop them into the dishwasher ready for the next time you need them.  Please remember to only remove them when they are fully cooled down, your be surprised how easily you can forget.  The other amazing side that i must talk about is the toasted sandwich maker, that makes crisp and tasty pocket sandwiches.  Its a real treat for me and its what makes this product so versatile.  Gone our my boring sandwiches and hello lovely toasted ones.  The plates are also wide enough to take plenty of filling, and for a real treat, I would suggest buttering the outside of the sandwich so when cooked its all crispy to.  If you want to read more positive reviews on this product what you want to do is visit this link to read more.

T-Fal SW6100004 Sandwich & Waffle Maker Negative Reviews

T-Fal-SW6100004-Waffle-MakerWell I will tell you something, very rarely do I come across a product that I can’t find anything negative to say, and it kind of makes my job harder, as people do expect something not to be always right with a product.  But the T-Fal SW6100004 has all the bases covered on this one.  Perhaps the only negative review I can conclude on this product is that it doesn’t have any form of cooking timer to alert you when your sandwiches or waffles are cooked. This is probably the only extra that they could have added that would improve this product further. But not to worry as it will take approximately 3-minutes to cook your waffles so just set a timer up when cooking. Perhaps this will be added if they decide to upgrade this model in the future.  If you want to read more positive reviews on this product what you want to do is visit this link to read more.

T-Fal SW6100004 Sandwich and Waffle Maker Review Summary

T-Fal-SW6100004-customer-reviewMy over whelming opinion on this product is that its a winner, sure you can get cheaper waffle makers, but this combined unit is real value for money.  And the biggest thing that makes this product stand out from the crowd is the removable plates.  This is awesome in my opinion and highly deserve our 5 out 5 for overall amazing product value.

Overall Product Rating: ★★★★★


Would I personally recommend the T-Fal SW6100004 Sandwich & Waffle Maker to my friends, yes I would is the answer, and without any hesitation what so ever.  This is a fantastic product and one that I personally endorse, its that good.  The only thing that you need to watch with this product is your waste line, as it so easy to set up and clean ready to use again that you are probably going to get a lot of use out of it.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the T-Fal SW6100004 so please leave me any reviews below or comments that you have on this product.