mickey waffle makerThis is my review of the famous 6-Inch Mickey Mouse VillaWare Wafflemaker.  This waffle iron makes one 6-inch Mickey Mouse shaped waffle at a time in its non-stick interior.  It boasts a chrome housing that is etched with a Mickey design and has cool touch handles.

It has a ready light and an automatic thermostat control.  The Mickey Wafflemaker weighs  only 4.5 pounds.  While it has a 4.5 star rating, there are only 45 reviews so far, however, there are only 2 one-star ratings so far and the bulk are satisfied with the wafflemaker.

Overall Product Rating: ★★★★½

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VillaWare Wafflemaker Product Features

  • Makes one 6-inch waffle
  • Cool touch handles
  • Classic chrome housing
  • Automatic thermostat control
  • Non-stick interior
  • Product Dimensions: 11.9 x 9 x 5 inches ; 4.5 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 6 pounds
  • Item model number: V5555-01

VillaWare Wafflemaker – The Negative Reviews

The negative reviews were far fewer than the positive ones for this product, however, there are some reoccurring themes in the comments that were shared on Amazon.

VillaWare-Wafflemaker-Mickey-ReviewsFirst, reviewers were disappointed that the typical lined or ridged look of a waffle was not present in this model.

Renaming or describing it as a pancake maker and not a waffle was important as the solution to that issue for the reviewers.

The waffles’ crispness made the list.   The texture of the waffle from being undercooked caused the disappointment in the wafflemaker.

Some left the waffle in longer than the directions indicated to achieve the crispy waffles that they expected.

The problem of waiting too long for the waffle to be cooked arose then.  If you want more reviews on the VillaWare Wafflemaker, what you want to do is visit this link to see the latest reviews on the VillaWare Wafflemaker.

One other thing to point out is the outline of the Mickey face on the cooked pancake looked too faint or indistinct according to the some reviews.

VillaWare Wafflemaker – The Positive Reviews

mickey waffle makerThe bulk of the product reviews for the Mickey wafflemaker were 5-stars.  Most people raved about getting the perfectly cooked waffles every time from this wafflemaker.

This was their first comment.  People cited the shape of the waffles as being a favorite part of this product.  The fun details of his face made it even better.

Children enjoyed eating the Mickey almost as much as the adults. Mickey Mouse makes anyone smile, but the size of the waffle delighted the reviewers.

The 6 inch size gave it a more novelty-like feel.  Some commented that the wafflemaker performed well for the price. All noted that they felt it was worth the money that they paid for it.

  • The unit is easy to clean and it appeared to be well made.
  • The cool handles were mentioned as a plus for using it with children nearby, but the chrome is still hot to the touch.

VillaWare Wafflemaker Review Conclusion

mickey-mouse-waffle-makersWe would recommend this product because it delighted with the whimsical and nostalgic feel of the wafflemaker.

Most of the reviewers that described themselves as grandparents cited how much they loved their original wafflemakers and that this was a fun replacement.

It also gave them great pleasure to share the experience with their grandchildren.

Nostalgia and/or memories of Disney World for Mickey waffles, is definitely a piece of this products appeal.

The quality for the price and the perfectly cooked waffles every time, make this a reasonable  choice for a wafflemaker.  While it cannot produce the same waffles as you’d get at Disney World, the reviewers were satisfied. If you are a Mickey Mouse fan, perhaps you’ll like the VillaWare Wafflemaker that much more.