KRUPS-654-75-Waffle-Chef-ReviewsKRUPS 654-75 Waffle Chef 4-Slice Belgian Waffle Maker with Nonstick Plates LED Indicators and Stainless Steel Housing Silver Reviews

The KRUPS 654-75 Waffle Chef 4-Slice Belgian Waffle Maker takes only four minutes to make four of the best looking Belgian waffles you have ever made at home. The waffles are slightly crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and have the deep pockets for which Belgian style waffles are known. The Krups 654-75 has an attractive chrome finish. When finished, you simply wait for it to cool, wipe it clean with a towel, and store it vertically in a cabinet. The latch handle clips the top shut, making it easy to store. Once seasoned with cooking spray, butter, or margarine, this waffle maker is ready to go.

Overall Product Rating: ★★★★½

KRUPS 654-75 Waffle Chef Features

  • Makes 4 thick and deep pocketed Belgian style waffles in only 4 minutes
  • Non-stick surfaces on the inside make waffle removal and clean up easy
  • Permanent hot plates for even browning
  • Sleek, chrome-finished exterior with cool touch handle
  • Ready indicator light tells you when waffle maker is ready to go
  • Tops snaps shut and unit stands upright for easy storage

What Customers Are Saying – KRUPS 654-75 Waffle Chef

The KRUPS 654-75 Waffle Chef 4-Slice Belgian Waffle Maker has been generally well received. The majority of customer reviews have been positive. However, a significant number of customers are dissatisfied with this waffle maker.


According to the positive reviews, this waffle maker is excellent judging by the quality of the waffles it produces. In true Belgian waffle fashion, these waffles have very deep pockets that will hold any topping that you can imagine. You just fill it with batter, close it, and let it go for 4 minutes. When you open the lid, you have waffles that are neither too dark nor to light. The Krups 654-75 is reliable and consistent.

The fans of this waffle maker have some hints for first time users of the product. It is important to spray the inside with cooking spray or use a pastry brush to apply just a little bit of shortening. This makes it much easier to remove the waffles, especially the first time you use it. After the first coating of oil, you only have to do it again every now and then.

This waffle maker is easy to clean if you do it correctly. First. Always wait for the unit to cool down. Then, you simply wipe it clean with a dish towel.

As good as this waffle maker seems, however, it has its detractors. One of the most common things mentioned in negative reviews of this product is that the handle gets very hot. It is a good idea to wear a small cooking mitt when opening it. The product is advertised with a cool to the touch handle. It seems that claim is not altogether true.

Some other drawbacks with this machine is that it can be messy. There is no drip edge, so over filled batter has no where to go except on to the counter or floor. The power cord is only two feet long, so you are limited as to where it can be used. When the waffle expands, the cooking plates move and become uneven. This has a tendency to make the waffles too brown towards the back and too light towards the front. The waffle maker is also reported to be difficult to clean. There are some crevices that can catch batter and become dirty, and cleaning them out is not easy.

Some of the positive reviews address most of these concerns with this bit of advice. Do not overfill. It only takes 1/3 cup of batter to make perfect waffles. Overfilling it tends to cause the waffle maker to work too hard, which can heat up the handle. Using too much batter also causes spillover, and can make the plates come uneven as the too large waffle expands past the capacity of the machine.

KRUPS 654-75 Waffle Chef Pros

  • Makes waffles that are thick, light, and crispy
  • Stores easily
  • Waffle pockets are very deep

KRUPS 654-75 Waffle Chef Cons

  • Several crannies that are difficult to clean
  • No drip edge to catch extra batter run off
  • Some complaints of hot handles
  • Ready light indicator is confusing
  • Cooking plates move when waffle expands, causing uneven cooking

Recommendation – KRUPS 654-75 Waffle Chef

The KRUPS 654-75 Waffle Chef 4-Slice Belgian Waffle Maker is recommended by most of its customers.

Issues with the handle getting hot, the plates expanding, and batter getting into hard to reach places can all be avoided by using the right amount of batter. When used correctly, this KRUPS 654-75 Waffle Chef Belgian waffle maker is as good as they come.