Hamilton-Beach-Flip-Belgian-Waffle-Maker-26010-0-0We have some children in our immediate family who adore waffles, but they’re a little particular; they want to be sure an equal amount of melted butter and syrup gets into each and every fluffy honeycomb square, and there are some sizable arguments about square and syrup ratio equality in our house.

Fortunately, the 26010 Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker is around to meet these budding physicists’ immediate breakfast needs – because the Hamilton makes truly European, deep-pocket, deep-trench waffles right off the stainless steel griddle.  This saves you not only the expense of a trip to Europe (Holland is the waffle-cake capital, if you’re going) but a lot of sweet and buttery arguments in the morning.  The 26010 Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker made its trip right from the center of tulip land, to land right in American kitchen, with the second best European product next to Michelangelo’s David available now in every home.

Overall Product Rating: ★★★★½

What the Hamilton Flip Belgian Waffle Maker Does

26010 Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle MakerIn a word, it makes great waffles, and combines both the fluffiness of the European breakfast staple with the crisped tops and edges of American variations, in an ingenious all-in-one baking implement that literally flips the waffle (without a spatula, flipper or any cooking skill on the baker’s part at all) as it cooks it, allowing the basic gravity of the “flip” feature to cook surfaces evenly.  The result is a perfectly browned, crisp exterior with a glorious soft, fluffy interior, and deep squares for all the butter and syrup (or whipped cream, fillings, fruits, toppings, savory egg dishes or special waffle creations) that any waffle fanatic could want.

It also includes the recipe book giving the secret for perfect Belgian waffles; if you promise not to tell, we’ll mention that it ups the ante on traditional waffle batter by using cake flour, baking powder and unsalted butter.   Unlike the traditional American recipe, there’s also a step where you separate dry and moist ingredients before mixing.  And of course, you need the special griddle for those deep pockets.

The Features of Hamilton Flip Belgian Waffle Maker

Weighing in at a mere six pounds, with 10 x 16 x 9 dimensions to insure easy service in a compact space, the Hamilton Belgian Waffle Maker has non-stick griddles (with the famous recessions for the deepest waffle pockets around), and a red-to-green indicator light to let you know when the waffle is perfect.   The iron plugs in easily and heats quickly, at which point the chef pours the batter on the non-stick cooking surface and closes the lid.

The real fun now is the flip—the waffle cook grabs the handle and rotates it, which takes the entire grill around 180 degrees, and then flips again to remove the cooked waffle.  Gravity and the science of heat conduction do the rest, and the result is perfect waffles, every single time.

One caveat from Amazon: the unit is weighty for its box and in need of special packing, so it is usually shipped separately in the event of a multiple order.

What Customers Are Saying

Virtually all reviews for the Hamilton Flip Belgian Waffle Maker are five- and four-stars; the single star exception complained that the unit’s green light stays on and is useless for timing; he did not attempt to contact Hamilton or return the unit for replacement.

26010 Hamilton BeachThe other reviewers are pretty much thrilled at the waffle maker’s excellent construction, its bargain price (around $34 on Amazon) and its superlative recipes (although one reviewer preferred their own Bisquick variation to the more heady European suggestions).  All praised the product itself, the waffles it produces and the short time (about 3 minutes) the iron takes to achieve a perfect waffle.   The incredible ease of cleaning—just wiping off—also created considerable positive comments.

Several customers did warn that the non-stick griddles are happier, so to speak, if thoroughly cooking-sprayed first; this is usually the case with most non-stick surfaces, naturally.  No one else spoke of problems with the green light, but one reviewer noted that her waffles cook faster after the first one, so they may not need the same time for uniform crispness and fluffiness.

The latter combination of fluffy and crisp occasioned universal admiration from most of the reviewers, all of whom now exclusively prefer the deep-pocket European waffle to American variations.   The adjective “great” appears in nearly every review of this product.

Online Customer Reviews

It’s the perfect size, this waffle maker is easy to use and very easy to clean and maintain.” Dolores Mahler:  six reviewers made similar statements

You can let the unit cool down and then you just run a damp towel right over the griddles and, presto, it’s clean. That’s all there is to it! ”   Steevo157:   one reviewer made a similar statement

This is quite an excellent waffle maker.”  Picky Buyer: one reviewer made a similar statement

Why You Should Have A Hamilton Belgian Waffle Maker

The price, the excellence of the product (and its waffles) and the almost-uniform superlative reviews make the Hamilton Belgian Waffle Maker an excellent recommendation.