Chefs Choice M850 reviewWho doesn’t love Belgian Waffles any time of the day? The Chef’s Choice M850 Taste-Texture Select WafflePro Belgian Waffle Maker is the perfect addition to any waffle connoisseur’s kitchen. 

Chef’s Choice M850 is just the right size for the busy on the go family breakfast. It takes less than 120 minutes to have restaurant style Belgian Waffles.

It is the ideal waffle maker for delicious homemade waffles made to your family’s taste no matter how diverse their taste may be.

Overall Product Rating: ★★★★½

What About The Chef’s Choice M850

The Chef’s Choice, founded in 1984 by the EdgeCraft Corporation, manufactures the world’s largest selection of electronic waffle makers. The Chef’s Choice M850 is designed with dependability and a commitment to innovation. This waffle maker is among many other appliances that have been rated as the Consumer’s Best Buys.

The Chef’s Choice M850 Unique Four Pocket System of Baking

If you like the deep pocket waffles, then this waffle maker provides you with four of them. Consumers can decide if they want their waffles baked even faster for a more crispy waffle with a center that is softer, or a deeper slow baking time for even texture. This waffle maker has a special design plate that provides the finest batter dispersal for even cooking.Chefs Choice M850 review There is absolutely no need to flip the waffle with this waffle maker. The heat is quickly recovered so you can continuously cook waffles for the crowd in your dining room.

The exceptional Four Pocket Baking Technique on this Waffle maker offers the consumer their preferred texture, flavor and richness of color simply by changing the cooking settings.

The name Four Pocket  refers to the four heating elements on this Belgian waffle maker. There are two on bottom and two on top.

The consumer can create their own unique style of a perfect waffle making it a golden color to a light brown color. It can offer a moist inside to a completely crispy waffle.

Chef’s Choice M850 Taste-Texture Select WafflePro Belgian Waffle Maker makes restaurant style Belgian Waffles in seconds.

It produces authentic Belgian style waffles right in your own kitchen while you wait for the coffee to brew.

If you are looking to read more reviews on this product then what you will need to do is simply click this link to read more reviews.

Chef’s Choice M850 Taste Features:

  • Four deep pocket style waffles for the whole family
  • It comes with a channel that simple to clean; cord storage; sleep mode
  • It also measures 11 inches by 12 inches by 4 inches with this commercial quality Belgian waffle maker.
  • It has a one year limited warranty for the household use only

What Are Customers Saying About This Waffle Maker?

“I whole-heartedly recommend this excellent waffle maker. ”- Review by Mamaof7 

“The other main annoyance I had with this waffle maker is its shrill timer beep. It is jarringly loud, and happens much too frequently.” – Review by Mark

Customer reviews for the Chef’s Choice M850 Taste-Texture Select WafflePro Belgian Waffle Maker are mostly positive.  Although, a couple of consumers found the beeping unnecessary, they still found the waffle maker to be an excellent product. These are just a few of the things customers are saying about the Chef’s Choice M850 Taste-Texture Select WafflePro Belgian Waffle Maker.

Chef’s Choice M850 Pros:

  • The waffles are cooked to perfection as per the chef’s taste
  • Cleanup is simple
  • Larger waffles that are easy to cook
  •  “Super Fast” Cooking Speed! These thick restaurant style Belgian waffles are ready to eat in less than 120 seconds.
  • It has a Flexible cooking time as well as temperature
  • Storage for the power cord underneath

Chef’s Choice M850 Cons:

  • A little pricey
  • The power cord could be a little longer
  • Cannot bet submerged in dishwater for cleaning

On Line Customer Reviews

“Produces perfect waffles every time. ”-Review by C. Hirschler  

“It is by far the best waffle maker I have ever used. ”- Review by Plunder 

The Chef’s Choice M850 Belgian Waffle Maker guarantees that  the waffle batter will be evenly distributed throughout the waffle maker.  This appliance has an advanced non-stick baking surface and comes with an overflow station for easy clean ups. The waffle maker has an automatic Timer to count down the seconds to being done. It comes with a Sleep Mode, a beeper, and quick reheating abilities to help keep the waffles coming.  There are 2 styles available and the Both come with recipes!

The Chef’s Choice M850 Belgian Waffle Maker Highlights

The Chef’s Choice M850 Taste-Texture Select WafflePro Belgian Waffle Maker comes highly recommended by the reviewers . Only a few customers complained about the timer beeps being excessive or the waffles getting stuck on the non-stick surface, but in all most customers found this waffle maker just what they needed.

It has the speed for the busy individual who wants to feed a family a perfect meal every time. The waffle maker is simple to clean up and has easy cord storage. The product includes some fantastic recipes with it as well. A sensational aroma of fresh made Belgian Waffles is a great way to start or finish the day. If you are a true Waffle connoisseur, then this Chef’s Choice M850 is the waffle maker for you.