Welcome to Best-Waffle-Maker.com where I personally review all of the best and greatest waffle makers available on the market today.  I compare all of the leading brands and offer my own personal opinion and overview on every product on this site.  My aim is to assist you in understanding all of the different products now available and to help you make the right buying decision when trying to decide which waffle maker to purchase.  Please feel free to browse through all of my reviews and compare the different products available.  You should now have a better understanding on exactly what you want to achieve from your waffle maker and have a good idea on the right product to fit your needs.

My Top 5 Best Waffle Maker Comparison Chart

Presto 3510
Cuisinart WMR
CA Classic
Pictureproctor silexpresto 03510cuisnart wmr roundOster CKSTWFBF21 1-12-InchT-Fal SW6100004 review
Our Rating95%65%90%96%98%
SidesSingle SidedSingle SidedSingle SidedSingle SidedSingle Sided
Non StickYesYesYesYesYes
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Top 5 Waffle Makers Comparison Chart

Please be sure to check back regularly on this chart as I update it in line with new market selling data.  And keep your eyes peeled as I am currently writing a new comparison chart for the new popular rotatable waffle makers.

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