Belgium Waffle Maker

Belgian waffles make a delicious entrée for Sunday brunch, or breakfast anytime. You can easily prepare these waffles using a special Belgium waffle maker, which differs from other waffle irons by the deepness of the waffle and the round shape. There are a variety of recipes for Belgian waffles, both for what to put on the batter and what to put on top of the waffles. Once you have found your perfect maker, you just need to follow the following tips for perfect waffles.

Importance of Batter

In order to make a good waffle, you need to choose one of the superior waffle irons. However, it is more important that you begin with a quality batter.  There are numerous types on the market, everything from Bisquick and Aunt Jemima to King Arthur Flour. If you need specialty batter, you can find that as well. Everyone has his or her own taste preference, so you might have to experiment with different batters until you find your perfect one. Creating a batter from scratch is not too difficult, and there are numerous recipes on the web. Once you have made the batter, you will just cook it using the Belgium waffle maker.

Keeping the Waffles Crisp with a Belgium Waffle Maker

One difficulty with making Belgian waffles is that you can only make one waffle at a time. If you are preparing a whole batch of waffles, you need to do something with the waffles while you continue to make the rest. You do not want to stack the waffles on top of each other. If you spread them out on a cookie sheet, they will not turn soggy; instead, they remain nice and crisp. You can even store them in a warm oven, about 250 degrees, to keep the waffles warm until you are ready to eat your meal.

Storing Extra Waffles

If you have made a full batch of waffles for only a couple people, there is a good chance you have extra waffles. Instead of throwing them out or feeling forced to eat them over the next few days, store them in the freezer. The waffles you have fresh from your Belgium waffle maker will taste much better than the frozen waffles from the store. Use a freezer storage bag. Place the waffles in the bag after they cool, using wax paper to separate the waffles. Try to get all the excess air out of the bag before closing. When you are ready to reheat, just defrost the waffles for about 10 minutes and then stick them in the oven for 5 minutes at 300 degrees. You can microwave, but they will be soggy.

Follow Belgium Waffle Maker Instructions

Waffle irons differ, so before you use your Belgium waffle maker for the first time, read through the directions. This will tell you how much batter to use per waffle and how long to cook. If you use too much batter, you will make a huge mess and if you use too little, you might burn the waffles. Most makers have a timer that will tell you when the waffle is complete. For darker, crisper waffles you want to keep them in the maker for longer. If you do not have a timer, just look for when there is no longer any steam, as there is a good chance the waffles are finished. You also want to check whether you need to add cooking spray and how to clean the maker when you are done.

With these simple tips, you can ensure that you will get the most out of your Belgium waffle maker and be the envy of your friends with your delicious Sunday brunches. Don’t forget to experiment with waffle recipes. If you are really adventurous, there are recipes online for non-breakfast waffles, including hamburgers. If you know how to use your waffle irons well, you can try all sorts of experimental foods and might just find your new favorite meal.

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